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    13 Mar, 2023
    Posted by Yamile Carpio
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    Triton Generators: Built for the Harshest Conditions

    • Resilience. Ruggedness. Toughness. These are all important traits to possess as an individual during trying times. And on several occasions, they are also very desirable features for generators used in harsh environments. 

    One thing is designing a generator to be used in a controlled environment, another is making sure it can withstand severe conditions like hurricanes, sea spray, or extreme temperatures. 

    What is considered a harsh environment? 

    There is no definition or straightforward criteria of what determines a harsh environment. As a general rule, an extreme environment can include one or more factors (natural or man-made) that affect the performance or durability of your generator or some of its components.  

    Some examples of harsh environments for diesel generators include: 


    • Extreme temperatures:  Industrial Diesel Generators that operate in environments with extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, can experience issues such as overheating, freezing of fluids, and failure of electrical components. 
    • Corrosive materials: Diesel Generators used in environments where there are corrosive materials such as salt water, acids, and chemicals can experience damage to metal surfaces, bearings, seals, and hydraulic components. 
    • Dusty or dirty environments: Generators used in environments with high levels of dust or dirt can cause filters to clog, wear, and tear on parts, and damage to engine, alternator, or radiator. 
    • High Humidity and Moisture: Generators used in environments with high humidity or moisture can experience corrosion, rust, and electrical malfunctions. 
    • Rough terrain: Trailer mounted generators used on rough or uneven terrain can experience damage to tires, tracks, suspension systems, and even the frame of the equipment. 
    • High altitude: Heavy equipment used at high altitudes may experience reduced engine performance, overheating, and other issues due to thinner air and reduced oxygen levels. 

    You cannot always control the above-mentioned conditions. The good news is that Triton Power Generators can be fully customized for optimal performance under the harshest environments.  

    Depending on how and where your generator will be used, various solutions are available to improve temperature tolerance, add waterproof capabilities, withstand high friction, and more.  

    • Strategically placed tape or foam can provide sealing (for water or chemical exposure) or reduce friction.  
    • Multilayer Powder coated paint can be used in conjunction to corrosion inhibitors for a thicker, more durable coating that is less likely to chip, rust, or fade over time. 
    • A High temperature coolant mixture can be used, designed to provide adequate cooling for the higher ambient temperatures. 
    • Cold weather packages for extreme cold weather, including space heaters, circulating block heaters, motorized louvers, diesel tank heater and more.   

    These are just a few examples of how our team can custom design your Triton Diesel Generator to meet the demands of your environment. Our Harsh Weather Packages also include high altitude, cold temperature, desert locations, seaside and military applications, corrosive environment and much more. 

    If you are looking for a fully customized generator for your next project, we can help! Our sales engineers are available to assist and answer all your questions. Call us at 305-592-6300 or email us at info@tritonpower.com. 

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