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    11 Jul, 2023
    Posted by Brettney Zaldivar
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    Meet Our People: Ronnie Crouse

    1. How long have you been with Triton Power?

    I used to run a business in South Africa, distributing Triton Power generators to various African countries. My association with Triton dates back to 2008. Later, when I received an offer to work with Triton Power in the United States, I seized the opportunity and worked with them for five years.

    2. Why did you join the company?

    When the chance to work for Triton Power in the United States presented itself, I didn’t hesitate to seize it. I left my home country of South Africa and took a risk, trusting in the possibilities that lay ahead.

    3. What’s your favorite part of working for Triton Power?

    My favorite part of working at Triton is that I constantly have the opportunity to tackle diverse new challenges. Rather than performing a single task, I constantly learn and engage in various tasks.

    4. What is your current position?

    In regard to my current position, I have multiple responsibilities. Firstly, I perform final quality control checks before the unit is dispatched or shipped. Secondly, I am responsible for professionally wrapping the units. Additionally, I hold a CDL license and am able to deliver the generators to various locations, including the port.

    5. What do you like most about the generator industry?

    One of the things I appreciate most about the generator industry is its diversity. There are numerous aspects and variables to consider, which make it a fascinating field.

    6. What inspires you to come to work every day?

    Meeting my financial obligations strongly motivates me to show up at work every day.

    7. If you could choose anyone as a mentor, who would you choose and why?

    I have a mentor named Ken Glasby, who happens to be a British mathematician. He is the brilliant mind behind the development of the machine that tests jet engines, which is still in use today. It’s incredible to think about how powerful these engines are and how they were developed. The engine testing machine is a significant source of inspiration for me.

    8. What advice would you give someone wanting to enter the generator industry?

    The generator industry is a challenging field that requires extensive knowledge of electricity. Working with generators involves complex aspects of electricity, and it is essential to deeply understand it before getting hands-on experience. Therefore, investing time in learning about electricity is a valuable step in this demanding industry.

    9. What’s one thing you learned — industry-related or not — in the last month?

    Over the past month, I have gained an appreciation for the significance of living in the present. It’s crucial to exercise patience and remain resilient during challenging times.

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