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8511 NW 61st Street, Miami, FL 33166
Monday-Friday : 8:00am - 4:30pm
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    14 Feb, 2023
    Posted by Yamile Carpio
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    Meet Our People: Juan Carlos Diaz

    meet our staff - juan carlos diaz - warehouse manager

    “I find purpose in being able to help others in need when a Hurricane hits a state or a city”

    1. How long have you been with Triton Power?

    I have been with Americas Generators / Triton Power for 8 and a half years.

    2. Why did you join the company?

    I have been working in logistics most of my life and have always enjoyed the challenges of coordinating and moving large equipment across the globe. When I found this position it felt like it was meant to be, then I met Eric and the rest of the staff and we clicked instantly. That was a sign this was the place for me.

    3. What’s your favorite part of working for Triton Power?

    Taking care of humanity. As MLK once said “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?”. Providing reliable power for communities in need like Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria makes me feel that I’m not here just doing a job, I am improving the lives of thousands of people across the world.

    4. What is your current position?

    Warehouse Manager

    5. What do you like most about the generator industry?

    Working for the better quality of life of others. I find purpose in being able to help others when a Hurricane hits a state or a city.

    6. What inspires you to come to work every day?

    The challenges we face on the daily, meeting delivery deadlines, fitting heavy loads. I love a good challenge and the satisfaction of overcoming it.

    7. If you could choose anyone as a mentor, who would you choose and why?

    Brian Tienhaara, our Technical Director. The man has an impeccable work ethic and is a great colleague.

    8. What advice would you give someone wanting to enter the generator industry?

    It might look difficult at the beginning, but it’s totally worth it. Take the time to learn the products, what they do and you will see how easily you can thrive here. It’s a very dynamic industry that will keep your mind busy and productive.

    9. What’s one thing you learned — industry-related or not — in the last month?

    You get more by giving more. I have found that the more I help and give to others the more the universe returns that to me, even if in a different way.

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