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    11 Jul, 2023
    Posted by Yamile Carpio
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    Generator Maintenance Tips for a Hot Summer

    Generator Maintenance Tips for a Hot Summer

    This past July 4th broke the record as the hottest day on the planet, setting the tone to what is expected to be a record-breaking Summer. A heat wave is forecasted to increase temperatures from California to the Gulf of Mexico for days to come, putting a severe strain on electric grids as demand for electricity to power cooling equipment soars. 

    This extreme weather has not only been an issue for the US. In Europe, the increasing temperatures are affecting agriculture, jeopardizing transportation networks and taking down the electric grid.

    Ensuring a reliable power supply becomes crucial during this time when grid overloads and excessive heat can leave us in the dark for hours or even days. Diesel generators play a vital role in providing electricity during these outages, ensuring the safe and continuous operation of affected businesses. To keep your generator running at its peak, proper maintenance is essential. Here are some practical tips for maintaining your diesel generator during the summer months.

    Regular Inspection and Cleaning: During the summer, dust, debris, and humidity can affect the performance of a diesel generator. Regular inspections and cleaning are necessary to maintain its efficiency. Start by cleaning the exterior using a soft cloth or brush to remove any accumulated dust or dirt. Pay close attention to air vents, radiator fins, and cooling system components. Inspect the engine, fuel lines, and exhaust system for any signs of damage or leaks. Clean or replace air filters as needed to ensure proper airflow and prevent overheating.

    Fluid Levels and Fuel Quality: Maintaining proper fluid levels is crucial for the optimal operation of a diesel generator. Check the coolant, oil, and fuel levels frequently. Ensure the coolant level is within the recommended range and free from pollutants. Monitor the oil level and quality, and change it at regular intervals as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Additionally, be mindful of fuel quality to prevent contamination, condensation or degradation. The use of fuel stabilizers can help preserve fuel quality during extended periods of inactivity.

    Battery Maintenance: The battery plays a vital role in starting the diesel generator. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure its functioning properly. Inspect the battery for corrosion, loose connections, or leaks. Clean the battery terminals using a mixture of baking soda and water to remove any corrosion. Tighten loose connections and ensure the battery is securely mounted. Consider testing the battery’s charge level and recharge it if necessary, following the manufacturer’s specifications. A well-maintained battery ensures reliable starting of the generator when you need backup power.

    Load Testing and Exercise: Periodic load testing and exercising of diesel generators is a crucial task to ensure their capability to handle power demands. Review the generator manufacturer’s guidelines for load testing procedures. Running the generator under load for a specific duration helps evaluate its performance and identify any issues early on. Regular exercise runs, where the generator operates with a moderate load for at least 30 minutes each month, prevent internal components from deteriorating due to inactivity. These practices keep the generator in optimal working condition and ready to perform during emergencies.

    Proper maintenance of diesel generators during the summer season is essential for ensuring reliable backup power. Regular inspections, cleaning, monitoring fluid levels, battery maintenance, and load testing contribute to the smooth operation of these generators. By following these maintenance tips, you can have the peace of mind that your diesel generator will provide reliable power when you need it most.

    At Triton Power, we specialize in manufacturing and distributing diesel generators utilizing only the highest quality components, including renowned brands such as John Deere, Cummins, Perkins, Volvo, Scania, and Yanmar. When looking for a high-quality and reliable generator, look no further. Contact us at 305-592-6300 or visit our website at tritonpower.com to find a Triton Power dealer in your area and learn more about our emergency power solutions.ns.

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