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    07 Dec, 2022
    Posted by Yamile Carpio

    Fire Suppression Systems: An extra layer of safety for inventory and equipment protection

    At Triton Power, we customize diesel generators to your business-specific needs. Our team recently worked on a project in which we designed and installed fire suppression equipment in eight 110kW Tier 4 Final generators that will recharge battery-operated container cranes in ports across the United States.

    Like a fire sprinkler system, a fire suppression system is used to extinguish or control fires and is activated by heat, smoke, or a combination of both. However, a fire suppression system uses gaseous, chemical, or foam fire suppression agents to suppress the fire rather than water. They are particularly worthy investments for industries and companies with flammable materials or high-value goods. 

    In our customer’s case, container cranes cost over $1,000,000 dollars, and a busy US port can process over 200 billion dollars worth of goods in a year. Even a minor fire can translate into significant losses to importers across the nation, bringing inventory shortages in different industries.

    A second benefit is eliminating the need for human activation or intervention in case of a fire. Not only does this reduce the risk to occupants’ safety, but it is also ideal for extinguishing fires in remote or less accessible areas of a building or estate. In the past, we have shipped generators to a mountain observatory or military bases in the middle of the deserts; these are scenarios where a solid fire containment strategy is essential.

    Furthermore, this preventative measure could be viewed favorably by insurance providers, who may reward business and facility owners with lower premium rates for taking this precaution.

    Would you consider adding a fire suppression system to your generator? Let’s talk! Our sales engineers are available to help and answer all your questions. Call us at 305-592-6300 or email us at info@tritonpower.com.

    1. 12 Jan, 2023

      It’s good that you explained to us that a fire suppression system helps eliminate the need for human intervention in case of a fire since this will reduce the risks and extinguish the fire when needed. I recently opened a restaurant, and coincidentally, I was thinking of adding systems to use as protection against kitchen fires soon. I might just consider getting an Ansul suppression system installed once I find a provider to hire for it soon.

    2. 26 Feb, 2023

      I think that fire suppression systems are a smart investment to businesses, especially to those that works with combustible materials or high value goods. I like that you mentioned how fire suppression systems use gaseous gases or foam rather than water to put out or control fires. I believe that having these is an investment that a colleague beginning a business shouldn’t pass up.

      1. Brettney Zaldivar
        27 Feb, 2023

        Hello Victoria,

        Thank you for your great review! We’re pleased to know that you see the value in a Fire Suppression System on diesel generators.

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