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8511 NW 61st Street, Miami, FL 33166
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    02 Nov, 2022
    Posted by Brettney Zaldivar
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    Custom Generators: When Power Meets Aesthetics

    Emergency Diesel Generators are huge lifesavers in the event of a power outage in your home or business. Still, they are also big, bulky, and sometimes not aesthetically pleasing, clashing with your home or business exterior design. 

    At Triton Power, we offer a full range of generator customizations, including equipment wrapping and paint matching, that will allow you to hide your generator set in plain sight.

    In the project pictured above, our customer had this 50kW John Deere Tier 4 Final Generator installed in his South Florida residence. He wanted it to blend in with the lush greenery of his backyard and be mounted on a 5,000lbs heavy-duty trailer, allowing flexibility of transportation from the home to his business if the need arose. 

    Our team can customize the color of your generator to anything your heart desires. Suppose you are set on a specific color; with a small swatch, we can match it up to a 99% accuracy, or we can wrap it in a custom printed solution: think company colors, logo, a picture of your dog, the possibilities are endless! 

    Need help with a customized generator? Let’s talk! Our sales engineers are available to help and answer all your questions. Call us at 305-592-6300 or email us at info@tritonpower.com.

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